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    Welcome to Aurora Huskies

    There is something magical about Huskies that has captivated me for years. My name is Ian and ever since I was young, growing up in London, England, they were the only dog breed I was interested in.


    I now live in the Northern Finnish town of Oulu with my wife, 3 kids and 4 Siberian Huskies, 3 Alaskan Huskies and a token Border Collie.

  • Kirma, Aurora and Frosty

    walking with huskies

    While Huskies just love to run, there is another side to them. They are gentle, sociable and just love to meet new people.


    We are now offering the chance to take the dogs for a walk in the forests or footpaths around Oulu, Finland.


    On the walks you will get to walk your own dog. Getting to know the personalities of all of the dogs and chatting about dogs, life and everything during a coffee break is a great way to relax.

  • Robin, Kirma & Pössi

    We can arrange for the walks to start and finish wherever suits you and we can tailor the walk to suit most requirements. We have 7 dogs that can come on the walks, so group sizes are flexible, from 2 upwards.


    The walks are available year round and every walk promises to provide a unique experience depending on the season, weather and dogs.


    We also cater for corporate wellness walks, so you can escape from the office for a few hours and leave it all behind.


    Dogs take us on a journey that may last 2 hours or a whole lifetime.


    Regardless of the amount of time we spend with them, they touch our souls in a way that has to be experienced.


  • Frosty & Kirma

    Alternatively, you can book a walk through AirBnB experiences. Just choose the date you want to come and join the group. If the date you are looking for isn't there, just send us a message and we will set it up.


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